Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 5

Global temperatures are beginning to rise. This is most likely going to lead to problems such as worse tropical storms and hurricanes, rising ocean levels, as well as more droughts and fires.

Scientists have shown that CO2, or carbon-dioxide, traps the heat, that would normaly be reflected back into space, right next to the earth. Teperatures of the ocean water has risen one degree since 1970. Of the twenty hottest years nineteen of them have been in the years since 1980. The amount of carbon-dioxide in the air has gon up from 280 parts per million a to 381 parts per million in the past century and a half. The ice shelf of greenland is melting twice as fast as it was in 1996. The percentage of the Earth's surface suffering from droughts has doubled since the 1970s. Also, scientists have measured the shrinking of a major glacier in west antarctica. In 7 years alone, it had lost 31 cubic kilometers, which is, by itself, raising the ocean level one millimeter every hundred years. There has been a rise in the amount of high level hurricanes.

Contributing Factor's:
The people in the world are burning more fossil fuels than any time in the past, releasing more carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere. People are still destroying the forests which doesn't help keep greenhouse gasses low since plants, like trees, change carbon-dioxide into oxygen.

We need to plant more trees and plants since they take CO2 out of the atmosphere.
We also need to find better energy sources that don't put as much, if any, CO2 or other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.
While we are working at those we need the government's of nations around the world to put limits on how much fossil fuels we are allowed to burn.
Other than that, we can just hope, or pray if you are a religious person, that nature can heal itself.

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